Eric Wolfe

Eric was a second year grad student at UW Madison majoring in Graphic Design when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Eric’s symptoms began with headaches, dizziness and a metallic taste in his mouth.  As the tumor grew he began to have these “pauses”, moments of not being able to speak, think or move for a moment.  We later learned these episodes were minor seizures he was experiencing due to the tumor.

The radiation and the chemotherapy treatments were demanding while maintaining his graduate school schedule therefore he had to make the difficult decision to put school on hold.  Eric was later able to work as a graphic designer and free-lance artist – a field he was passionate about.

Eric was 23 years old when he was diagnosed.  His brain tumor was a rare type and the UW doctors used many resources to develop the best treatment plan possible.  Eric’s early prognosis was 3-5 years.  

Dr. Mehta, at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, was his primary physician for his radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  We had always hoped that a new and more effective treatment would become available to extend his life.  Progress was made, but not fast enough.  The clinical trials made it possible for Eric to survive almost 5 years, Eric died in October 1996.

Eric loved golf, racquetball, photography, his creative work and his friends and family.  He had us attend many run/walks through the years to support cancer causes.  Eric had a great sense of humor and was extremely energetic.  He was one who would throw a penny on the ground knowing when someone would find it, it would make a difference to their day.  That is why we needed to do something to make a difference.  We want to continue the medical advancements and at the same time keep Eric’s memory alive.